New Territory

My lovely wife was recently diagnosed with having breast cancer. I’ve been journaling about this unexpected, new experience since then. Originally, I had no intention of sharing my private writings with the public. But after much contemplation, and receiving unhesitant permission from the missus, I have decided to share my innermost thoughts during this particular time in our journey together. This certainly is new territory for me in two ways: confronting cancer and journaling. I reckon many writers journal, but not me. At least not until now. My goal is to give an honest portrayal of what I, as the husband of a cancer patient, am experiencing – with no holds barred. Hopefully with a skosh of my trademarked wit included as well.

This will be my story, yet I would not have this story without my wife’s story. (She also has been journaling. New territory for her, too.) In the past, I have gone out of my way to not use my wife’s name in any of my blogs. I suppose I chose the path of referring to my better half as only “my wife” or “the missus” to protect her identity (as if people didn’t already know) and to add a bit of mystery to my works. I think every writer has their signature thang. And omitting my wife’s name has sort of been my thang these past six years. But this time it’s going to be different. It would be nearly impossible, and rather reader-unfriendly, if I were to refrain from using my wife’s proper name in a series that is mostly about her. Therefore, my lovely wife’s name is Rhonda, and you can read our story An Unexpected Journey…COMING SOON!


2 responses to “New Territory

  • Barry Blackstone

    Jim, My beautiful wife had and survived breast cancer. She had been traveling for her job and received the phone call from the lab, When she got home and told me we both cried. The issue that totally blew me away was when she told me I thought to myself, What am I going to do. I am very loving and happy with her so this selfish thought certainly gave me something to think about. She has been cancer free for 15 years now, thank God.

  • Donna

    Love that you are sharing this journey and we are praying for you and walking with you!

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