It Makes No Sense To Me

I had heard the rumors, but I did not believe them. I’m a fairly rational guy, and I pride myself on being open-minded and listening to both sides of an issue (if there are two sides) before taking an adamant stance one way or the other, but this hearsay was something I could not even fathom. My son said it was true, and my wife said it probably was true because she had heard it many times. Who was I to argue since she works amongst the living, in the service industry, whereas I prefer spending the better part of my day isolated at home. However, I still wasn’t completely convinced something so ludicrous could actually be the truth, so imagine my surprise when shortly after hearing the rumors (and questioning them) I found an opportunity to hear it “straight from the horse’s mouth.”

I was invited to a fancy birthday celebration, and sometime during the evening I was introduced to a fine-looking, young “couple.” They were definitely cozy with one another although I had no possible way of knowing if they were boyfriend and girlfriend based on all those rumors. I figured there was no harm in asking them the “million dollar question” but if there was then so be it because most-likely I’d never see either one of them again. I began my inquiry by obtaining a little background information on the young “couple” sitting next to me. The lady was nineteen years old and the gentleman was twenty. I discovered at least one of them was a Christian. Next, I asked the pair if they were boyfriend and girlfriend, and the answer was yes.

Our discussion was going very well, so I decided it was finally time to ask the question I had been itching to propose. I boldly asked, “Does one of you have to ask the other ‘will you be my girlfriend’ or ‘will you be my boyfriend’ before you’re considered to be dating one another?” They answered, in unison, an emphatic, “yes.” It was true! I was disappointed yet fascinated by my findings, so I continued interrogating the official couple for a smidgeon longer. I found out a guy and a gal can hold hands, kiss, spend every waking hour together, and even engage in all sorts of sexual activity, in today’s society, without it meaning anything. They simply are not dating, or a couple, or committed to each other until the mandatory question is asked and answered. Up to that point they are only “talking.”

My lovely wife of 27 years, by today’s standard, isn’t even my girlfriend yet. We’re still just “talking.” Back in what I guess can now be described as the “good old days” the only question ever needed to be asked was, “will you marry me?” Everything else was already implied and did not need to be said. I have now been enlightened as to what is “proper” and considered “normal” concerning today’s young adults and their so-called relationships. I will never understand or agree with this generation’s way of thinking on that subject. It makes no sense to me.


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