About Me

Welcome to my blog. Boy oh boy, I never thought I’d hear those words coming out of my mouth. Me, the anti-technology guy promoting the world of social media. Me, the one who has never been on Facebook, has no idea how to text or tweet, and is proud to still be using a flip-phone with an antenna in which I only carry in case of an emergency. I’ve even written a paper claiming how social media and all of the recent advancements in technology has ruined relationships and is to blame for America’s continued inevitable downfall.

The reason I have now surrendered to the blogosphere is because I usually have much to say, and blogging seems like the best forum for me at this point. This blog will allow me to express my thoughts and opinions on relevant issues as well as irrelevant topics such as the “Biebs” or the Kardashians. Truthfully, I would rather be writing for a major newspaper, but at least I don’t need a journalism degree to blog. I’m also taking this plunge into unchartered waters due to the encouragement of some family and friends. Thanks for your support and believing that something I might say could possibly be of any value.

I’m very opinionated although I always try to research the facts before shaping an opinion. As much as I may disagree with the other side’s assessment of an issue I do my best to at least understand how they possibly could have formed their opinion. I’m constantly playing devil’s advocate with myself in order to solidify or sometimes even change my stance. Hopefully this new adventure I’m on will be fun for all of us; however, I will probably irk each and every one of my readers at some point, but please believe me when I say that is not my intent. My goal is to share my common sense views and the truth as I know it.

Thanks for reading,


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