An Unexpected Journey (Part 4)

A Scheduled Surgery (1/17/20)

Rhonda had a follow-up consultation with her surgeon on Monday (January 13th) to schedule her lumpectomy. It has now been over six weeks since my wife was told she has cancer. (This would most-likely be around the time when I’d “let the cat out of the bag” to my family and friends in regards to if I were experiencing a medical condition. I am an open book when blogging, but at the end of the day I’m usually a very private person.) I have been doing about as well as I can, knowing the disease continues making its home within my wife’s left breast.

My lovely wife has mainly been concerned about her clients, and the probability of not being able to take care of all their hair-care needs, during her ordeal. I keep telling the missus that her health should be her #1 priority at this time. (I know it’s mine!) But that’s my wife. Her concern and consideration of others is part of what makes her, her. And Rhonda considers a good portion of her clientele to be good friends as well. Therefore, she’s almost always willing to do whatever she can (go in early, stay late, work an 11 hour day) to accommodate her clients/friends.

The consultation with the surgeon was full of positive news. We already knew the MRI was clean, and although it was greatly assumed that the genetics test showed nothing to worry about – it had now been confirmed. (You see, shortly after Rhonda’s genetics test had been performed, we both had reservations about learning the results, so my wife had informed her surgeon of our desire not to know. However, when the surgeon called with the positive MRI news, during our Christmastime in Iowa, she also alluded to the genetics finding in an optimistic, but coy, “wink, wink” sort of way.) We were then told the cancer was a mere 3 millimeters and that “we caught it early.” Great news!

But alas. My heart instantly dropped when the surgeon mentioned lymph nodes. (Do I detect another roller-coaster ride on the horizon?) Once again, the missus and I heard things a little differently. Rhonda heard the doctor say she would remove at least two lymph nodes from under her armpit during surgery. But I heard she might remove up to two lymph nodes from under her armpit. A bit of confusion, once more.

Nonetheless, either way I viewed this lymph node talk as “poking bears” again. I’m sure the surgeon was just being thorough and trying to ease our minds by attempting to explain everything to us. But it ain’t working! Anyway, my lovely wife will have her lumpectomy on January 28th. The scheduled date for Rhonda’s surgery is very much to her liking since the timing is the best case scenario for her clientele. For me, I’m sure the 28th will be a day of concern, reflection, and prayer. So, this is where we are.


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