An Unexpected Journey (Part 9)

Normal…Yet Better (2/12/20)

Normal…somewhat. That’s where life seems to be at this moment since today is my wife’s second day back to work, and I’m at Starbucks doing my thang. Yesterday, Rhonda worked about an eight-hour day, after taking a two week vacation (aka recuperating from breast cancer surgery). My hairstylist missus made it through the day, taking care of her clients’ hair-care needs, although afterwards her left armpit was extremely tender. It was sore enough to require an ice “pad” before bedtime. I fetched for my missus the cushy round pad, given to her by the nurse after surgery, many times throughout the evening.

I also made us dinner. That is not normal – at least it wasn’t until two weeks ago. I have been at my lovely wife’s beck and call since her operation – but only because that’s what I’ve insisted upon. I’m normally a pretty good guy within the realm of our holy matrimony, but now I’m a really good guy; I am more domestic, more attentive to Rhonda’s needs, and a little less about me, since her cancer diagnosis.

The familiar adage “don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” is absolutely true. Even though thankfully I still have Rhonda, I was forced to imagine, at least on some level, my life without her. Not interested!!! Therefore, I demand, whether we have one day left together or another few decades, that I’m a better husband from this point on.

I suppose life as the missus and I know it will never be the same, regardless. There’s that unavoidable anxiety when pondering the possible future “what ifs.” I will not dignify cancer by listing any of them here. Anyway, I think there’s a saying, “I have cancer, but cancer doesn’t have me.” Rhonda has lived this truth since her initial diagnosis. God has her!


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