An Unexpected Journey (Part 10)

Life On Hold (3/6/20)

Today, we’ll finally get to see my wife’s radiation doctor for the first time. You know the old adage “life goes on”? Well, that is not always true. Life is definitely on hold for me and the missus. I suppose technically life does go on, but Rhonda and I have been in a holding pattern since her breast cancer surgery in January. She needed time to mainly heal before radiation treatments could even be considered. We hope today’s consultation with the doc will offer some clarity for our future.

We are so thankful for the apparent outcome of Rhonda’s operation as she continues to heal. We are thankful to God for being next to us on this unexpected journey. God is not some indifferent entity in a galaxy far, far away. (I believe that’s a Star Wars reference – although I am not a fan of the beloved sci-fi saga. Sorry if I offend.) The one and only God is in the heavens indeed, but He’s also right beside us – and in our hearts if we let Him in. Of course, the wife and I are also extremely grateful for all the love and support, and the oodles of prayers on her (and my) behalf, from all the mere mortals down here.

Our life has been on hold because we truly cannot make any plans until Rhonda’s anticipated treatments are over. We should find out today when we can expect to resume our life together as we once knew it – the pre-cancer days, if you will. Cancer is incredibly inconvenient, to say the least. Pre-cancer we played tennis. Pre-cancer we planned on celebrating St. Paddy’s Day with family in Iowa. Instead, this March 17th, my corned beef and cabbage, my wife’s tasty Reuben sandwiches, and my world-renowned (not to brag) Guinness cake will have to remain in Arizona.

The missus has stated, repeatedly mind you, that she deserves to take a cruise when all this cancer nonsense is said and done. She is quick to then point out that she really doesn’t deserve it. I would have to argue that she certainly does! (The missus has even invited me to come along.) However, we still can’t plan a darned thing until we at least hear what the radiation doctor has to say. And do we really want to be saying “bon voyage” any time soon, with the coronavirus seemingly running rampant? In the meantime, I reckon my lovely wife and I will continue snuggling on the couch watching Hallmark movies, while our life is on hold.


One response to “An Unexpected Journey (Part 10)

  • Adelle

    God bless you both, I know God has his arms around you both to give you the strength you need to carry on! Your so right Mister she deserves the cruise🙌🙌❤️❤️

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